5 Tips To Make Your Bullet Journal Beautiful and Organized On Notion

1. Canva

Maybe you have already realized how powerful Canva is — it seems that Canva can cover almost all your design tasks, as well as the cover in Notion, of course. Tired of the default pictures in Notion? There are only several famous paintings and photos. When you want to design a pink, cute style, or a minimalism style, you cannot find any picture suitable from the default, right? A real picture of the universe or galaxy absolutely doesn’t fit your cartoon widgets, and you cannot add your page title to this cover.

2. Customize your icons

Emojis are colorful, but “being colorful” may block your way to design a minimalism style of your bullet journal. You may face similar situations when setting your general style. How about trying other icon websites instead of only relying on emojis? Flaticon and Notion icon are really good choices.

3. Fancy text generator

Although Notion has given your three fonts, they are absolutely not enough for you to design a beautiful bullet journal on Notion. That’s why I’d like to introduce the fancy text generator: lingojam.com.

4. Life progress bar

Visualizing your goals is very important. You may often think that the New Year is still far away, but suddenly you realize that it is already close to the end of the year. You may also think you’re making no progress on a project, but one day realize you’re close to finishing it. Goal visualization helps you to quickly and visually discover where you are now. And of course, it can make your bullet journal look more unique and show your pace and attitude in life.

5. Make the best use of Notion itself

Perhaps Notion’s overly diverse and powerful functions make you a little dizzy, but you have to admit that if you can take full advantage of Notion’s functions, they will also make your bullet journal more beautiful. Notion’s layouts can help you build your lifelogging system and make it more organized — Doesn’t being organized also make it more aesthetically pleasing?


When the bullet journal was first invented, it was simply used to be effective in improving efficiency. But then it was discovered that a variety of illustrations and designs could be added to make the bullet journal more beautiful and personal.



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