Seize the Opportunities From Social Media — Influencer Marketing

Influencers and advocates

I found a great nail polish that works well. I wrote a post about the brand, the color, and how I felt about using it and included a photo on Instagram. The brand didn’t pay me to do this, I just thought this polish was worth sharing with you based on my real shopping experience and how I felt about using it. Meanwhile, a makeup blogger with a large number of followers also recommended this nail polish — the brand and color are the same as the one I recommended. She also provided a lot of information about the product and included a photo. But this was a result of her collaboration with the brand — she was tasked with promoting this product. Accordingly, the brand will pay her. In this scenario, I am the advocate, and she is the influencer. Perhaps you can vaguely sense the difference between influencer and advocate, so let me provide you with a clearer explanation from a marketer’s perspective.

How to ensure success

There is a wide variety of social media platforms and a wide variety of influencers. If a brand wants to achieve marketing success, finding a random influencer to work with will not work and may even hurt the brand. Therefore, it is important to understand the key messages in influencer marketing. A marketer needs to understand what factors will ensure success:

  • Creative Guidelines
  • Creative Briefing Considerations
  • Disclosure Guidelines
  • Brand Approval Process

The trend

Influencer marketing is growing rapidly and on a larger and larger scale. It appears on a wider variety of social platforms. It has also developed many new forms and is not limited to just posts. Nowadays live streaming is a very popular way to attract the audience. People no longer feel that influencer marketing is a distant thing for them (although many may not realize that it is influencer marketing). They prefer to see content that is authentic and close to their lives, rather than being over-polished. This requires marketers to conduct thorough research on their target audience and use content creation techniques. Everyone can participate in social media, so there should be a variety of voices on social media. People want their voices to be represented and heard on social media. Influencer marketers should also have the ability to identify and hear different voices, whether they come from the majority or minority groups.



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