I’ve been working at Jam Van Inc. as a Marketing and Communications Intern for more than one month. During this time, I have been able to polish various skills of marketing, and also learn more about this industry. I’m mainly responsible for social media management. Besides, I also take part in every campaign, including contributing ideas and finishing the proposals. In this blog, I’d like to share two main projects I am already in.

One of our clients is the City of Pickering. We were assigned to launch an experiential marketing campaign to engage more people and raise their awareness of eco-friendly lifestyles. The first step for this campaign was a brainstorm to decide what activities would be included in this campaign. I feel very grateful that team members encouraged my ideas. They didn’t ignore me because I was an intern. On the contrary, they’d like to hear my thoughts.

I sourced a lot of images related to eco-friendly activities and products and put them on our brainstorming board with bullet points. I presented my ideas comprehensively. I advised that we could send seeds to participants and they plant them in egg shells and egg cartons. Planting is a visible way for people to notice what they can contribute to nature, and they can also make the best use of egg shells and cartons to encourage recycling.

The team members thought it was a good idea and they adopted the idea and put it into our proposal. This is the first time that my idea would be put into practice. After several months I can see that people will be given seeds and plant them. I think I did contribute to this team.

Another project is an EP promotion. This time my main task was to source images. I listened to the song and watched the MV, and I found that floral elements would be best suitable. I chose dark and haze photos of flowers, which can correspond with the theme of the song. Team members were satisfied with the photos I sourced, and the images were used in the proposal to our client.

In the past, I never participated in a real marketing project. But now I see that my ideas and effort will be used in the real life. I find my value in the industry, and I believe that in the future I can find more.



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Ruohan's Life

Ruohan's Life

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