Three Questions of Experiential Marketing

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3 min readJul 18, 2022


In this blog, I would like to share 3 questions that I would ask in the information interview with a senior leader of the company and explain why these questions are important to myself, to the company, and to experiential marketing.

Q1: How much of a role do you think social media will play to introduce and promote our company and experiential marketing?

According to the business manager’s introductions, the company has regular partners, and our past clients are happy to continue their cooperation with us. In addition, the way we increase our clients is through networking, which means our current clients recommend the marketing agency to other brands. Therefore, promotion through social media may not be the important way to go. But the business manager explains that social media is necessary for us. It can reach more potential audience. Compared with customers, our target audience is mainly brands. For those brands who haven’t connected to us, social media is the most direct way to see what we can provide.

Q2: What an experiential marketer should do to generate more creative ideas?

In an XM campaign, gamification is usually held to attract customer participation. Customers will like some games, but they will also be bored with uninteresting games. Innovation and creativity are important to experiential marketers. The business manager advises me to keep track of the current marketing trends, as well as technologies. The best marketing examples from peers also need to be frequently viewed, and to find out if there is anything we can learn from them.

Q3: What experiential marketing will become after COVID-19?

COVID-19 has brought many bad effects on XM. Many activities could not take place because of the restriction of the pandemic prevention policy. But after its impact on people’s lives has gradually diminished, we can expect a significant increase in XM. More technologies, such as QR codes, touch screens and VR/AR can be used for a campaign. Food brands and beauty brands will be happy to see the changes because more samples bring more potential customers. People will also be more enthusiastic about participating in outdoor activities because they want to get back to their normal lives. They are all good signals for XM.

Now I have a deeper understanding of XM and my job, and I am looking forward to more positive development in the industry.



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